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Winning over judges and conquering nerves as a soloist:

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Today we dive into the world of solo performances and explore how to impress judges and conquer nerves. As a soloist, it's essential to master the art of captivating judges and delivering an outstanding performance. Here is some valuable insight and tips to help you shine on stage from an accomplished veteran soloist.

1 Prepare thoroughly:

The foundation for success lies in thorough preparation. Prioritize rehearsal time to perfect your choreography. Refine your technique, and fully understand the music. Apply all your corrections from your choreographer and come back to your next lesson ready to move forward.

2 Showcase unique artistry:

Embrace your individuality and let it shine through your performance. Authenticity captivates judges and helps you stand out from the crowd. Make your choreography look seamless, finishing all your movement, and don't rush.

3 Connect with the audience and judges:

Establishing an emotional connection to the audience and judges is a game-changer. Use your facial expressions and body language to convey the story or message of your piece. Engage them with your passion and authenticity leaving a lasting impact.

4 Confidence is key:

Nerves are natural, but learning to manage them is vital. Build your confidence through preparation and positive self-talk. Practice deep breathing techniques to calm your mind and visualize success. Remind yourself of your abilities and the countless hours of practice you've put in.

5 Utilize stage presence:

Make the most of the stage and command attention with your presence. Engage the entire space and maintain strong posture and eye contact. Project your energy and passion, leaving no doubt you own the stage.


Becoming a successful soloist involves a combination of preparation, artistry, technique, connection, confidence, and stage presence. By implementing these strategies and conquering your nerves, you are well on your way to giving your best performances that will leave a lasting impact.

Remember, the journey as a soloist is as important as the destination. Embrace the experience , enjoy the process , and let your love of dance shine through. Good luck , and may your performances be filled with passion, and success!

Contributor- Britain Daley ( 2x provincial champion soloist , award winning choreographer, teacher )

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