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Unleashing your potential: home training exercises for dancers

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

When you are not at the studio, training at home offers a wealth of opportunities to enhance your dance skills. In this article , we'll explore a range of training exercises that you can practice from the convenience of your own home, allowing you to continue your dance journey and unleash your full potential.

1.Establish a daily warm-up routine:

Begin each training session with a thorough warm-up routine to prepare your body for movement. Include stretching exercises to improve flexibility, mobility drills to increase range of motion , and activation exercises to engage your core muscles. By incorporating a consistent warm-up routine, you'll reduce the risk of injury and set a solid foundation for your dance practice.

2. Technique and conditioning:

Focus on maintaining and improving your dance technique through targeted exercises. Dedicate time to elements specific to your dance style, whether it's turns, jumps, or extensions. Strengthen your core, legs, and feet through exercises that enhance stability, control, and power. Add some equipment to your home like, stretch bands, and yoga blocks.

3. Barré work:

Create a makeshift barré out of a sturdy piece of furniture or pick up a small mobile barré from Amazon. Incorporate barré exercises into your training regime to improve balance, alignment, and posture. Engage in pliès, tendus, dégagés, and other barré exercises that target different muscle groups.

4. Cross Training:

Embrace cross-training activities to complement your dance training. Engage in activities such as Pilates, yoga, or cardio workouts to improve overall fitness, flexibility, and strength. Diversifying your training routine keeps you well-rounded and supports your overall dance performance.

5. Mindful movement and improve:

Dedicate time to mindful movement and improve. Explore different rhythms, dynamics, and emotions through freestyle dancing. Allow yourself to connect deeply with the music, let go of expectations , and embrace the feeling of spontaneous movement. Improvisation nurtures your artistic intuition, fosters creativity, and helps you develop a unique dance style.


Training at home provides an incredible opportunity to nurture your dance skills and unleash your potential. From establishing a daily warm-up routine and focusing on technique to cardio there are countless ways to continue developing as dancer from the comfort of your home. Embrace training at home and let it become a catalyst for your growth as an artist.

Contributor- Ailsa Daley ( award winning choreographer, studio owner, teacher, adjudicator. 40 years experience in the industry)

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2 comentarios

Would love to see a studio Insta page or YouTube page dedicated to guided workouts for the dancers to do at home…given they often aren’t sure what to do ❤️

Me gusta
Contestando a

Will do for sure! For now we suggest they use their stretches and warmups from Jazz tech as well as their Ballet barré work 💙

Me gusta
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