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Embrace the summer heat: why continuing to train in dance is vital

As the summer sun shines brightly , dancers around the world often find themselves faced with a dilemma: the off-season. With recitals, competitions, and regular classes on hold it's tempting to take a break and bask in the lazy days of summer.However, in the world of dance, the off season doesn't mean putting your training on pause. In fact, it's the perfect time to embrace the heat and keep that body moving. In this article, we will explore why continuing to train during the summer is crucial for dancers of all levels.

1. Maintaining technique:

Dance is an art form that requires consistent practice to maintain and improve technique. By continuing to train during the off-season, you will ensure that your hard earned skills don't become rusty. Consistent practice helps you retain muscle memory, flexibility, and strength, allowing you to pick up where you left off once the regular season resumes.

2. Building strength and stamina:

Summer training provides an opportunity to focus on building strength and stamina without the pressure of upcoming performances. Take advantage of the time to work on conditioning exercises, cross-training, and strengthening specific muscle groups. By dedicating yourself to physical training in the off season you'll be better prepared to tackle new choreography and demanding routines in the future.

3. Exploring new styles and techniques:

Without the commitment of performances and class, the summer is an excellent time to explore new dance styles and techniques. Expand your horizons by trying out different genres from summer workshops offered by your studio. Not only will this diversify your skill set but it will also keep your passion for dance alive and ignite fresh inspiration.

4. Nurturing creativity:

The off-season presents an opportunity to nurture your creative spirit. Use this time to choreograph your own routines, experiment with improvisation, or collaborate with some dance friends. Free from the constraints of a set curriculum, you can delve into artistic exploration and find new ways to express yourself through movement.

5. Mental and Emotional Well-being:

Dance is not just a physical activity-it is a powerful outlet for self-expression and emotional release. During the summer, when the pace slows down, dedicating time to dance training can have significant mental and emotional benefits. It provides a sense of structure, purpose, and fulfilment, helping you stay connected to your passion and fostering a positive mindset.


While summer may be considered the off-season for dance, it is by no means a time to hit pause on your training. Embrace the opportunity to maintain technique, build strength ,explore new styles, nurture creativity and enhance your overall well being. Remember true dedication to your craft goes beyond the stage lights and applause; it is built upon the commitment to continuous growth and improvement. So step into the summer heat and keep moving to the rhythm of your dreams.

Photo by- Damaris Molina

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