Academy Competition

This is our full time full commitment training. Dancers that are looking to compete and train at a high level,  focused towards furthering  their dance career or taking the discipline learned through dance into their future ventures. These groups will compete in approximately 5 competitions and will consist of Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary. They will also take part in our 

Pre Show and Year end show.


This is for students who are wanting to compete beyond the recreational level. These groups will compete in approximately 3 competitions and will consist of Jazz and Lyrical. They will also take part in our

Pre Show and Year End Show

Hip Hop Crews

By Audition. These crews are highly competitive and with each crew, True Crew Technique must be taken 

-Expensive Taste 

-True Crew

-Young Methodz


Approximately 5 competitions.

All crews will also take part in our Pre Show and Year end.

Recreational Level

For dancers wanting to take classes without the commitment of full competition training.

Our *recreational classes do 1 fun competition and the Year End Show so they are still working towards a goal.

*Hip Hop 

Level 1 - age 6-8 

Level 2 - age 9-11

Level 3 - age 12+


*Jazz and Lyrical

Level 1 -age 6-9

Level 2 -age 10+


Level 1 - 6-7yrs

Level 2 - 8-9yrs

Level 3 - 10+ yrs (Beginner)

Level 4 - 10+yrs (intermediate)

Level 5 - 12+yrs (Advanced)

Pointe - must be assessed before registering for Pointe


Junior Tap - beginner/intermediate

*Musical Theatre

Junior Theatre-all ages


Acro 1 - Beginner

Acro 2 - Intermediate

Acro 3 - Advanced

Lil Ones

For 3-5 year olds getting started with dance. These little dancers will be apart of our Year end show performance

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