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 Mission B.C's premier competitive dance studio, where the art of dance is our passion. We develop well rounded highly skilled dancers, teaching them proper technique,movement,and performance while helping them find their inner artist. Dance is not only a beautiful art form but a discipline of  learning you can take with you to apply to anything you do in life. We offer levels from Rec to Highly Competitive to meet your dance needs.


2019/20 Faculty


Owner/Artistic Director

Ailsa Daley- 

Teacher/ Choreographer 












Lyrical/Contemporary/Jazz/Hip Hop/Theatre/Tap

TATTC Mentor


Ailsa began dancing at the early age of 3. By the age of 5 she was the first person ever to have won all four trophies at the Surrey Festival of Dance in her age category, And by age 10 she was the youngest member of B.C’s championship dance team. Ailsa has danced and competed all over Canada and  the US.


She is trained in various genres of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and  Highland.  Ailsa has had the honour of training with some of the industries leading choreographers and teachers. Her knowledge of the industry is a huge asset for True Art, with her family being studio owners in the fraser valley for 20 years before retiring.

Ailsa has been teaching for the past 18 years. She is one of the most well rounded but humble teachers/choreographers in the industry. She has created pieces for multiple opening ceremonies such as Rugby 7’s, Harlem Globetrotters and commercial ads for large companies like, Nissan. Ailsa also choreographs many local and charitable events. Her pieces have won many awards that include numerous top choreography awards, receiving 20 in the last 2 seasons alone and 2 years in a row has been named Synergy choreographer of the week, among others. Ailsa has numerous top 10 soloists, duos and groups in Canada and the U.S. and Provincial reps in B.C. She has also produced dancers that have been in T.V. series,music videos,commercials and has mentored many students that have now become successful teachers/choreographers themselves.

Most importantly Ailsa creates a warm family style environment with students. She nurtures and promotes the love and passion of dance in every class. From technique to performance, Ailsa has a way of bringing it out of her students.

Brittany Grant- Teacher/
















Brittany Grant is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and acrobat, based in the Vancouver/Fraser Valley area. With 10 years of competitive dance training, Brittany has lived in NYC for 3 summers and 1 year taking her dance career to the next level, training at the Joffrey Ballet School’s Jazz and Contemporary program. And is now training at the Circus Lab in Langley BC in their Artist Preparatory Program, as well as teaching acrobatics and dance at various facilities. She is certified in Acrobatic Arts module 1 and 2, International Dance Teaching Standards module 1, along with many workshops, hoping to spread her knowledge and tricks around the Lower Mainland. 

Damaris Molina 











Hip Hop /Jazz/Lyrical

Damaris started dancing at the age of 4. She is trained in Ballet,Hip Hop,Lyrical,Contemporary,Jazz,and theatre. Through her dance career Damaris competed in Canada and the US as part of top placing groups, duos, and also top placing solo success. She Has Performed at the Harlem Globtrotters half time show as well as many other events. Damaris  always impressed her teachers with her original style , attention to detail and creativity. 

As a teacher Damaris is calm ,caring and has a fine eye for detail and style.She loves to harness children's natural talent to bring forth their own creativity and style.


Liam Mackie

frequent Guest Teacher











Hip Hop

Finn from Season 6 of  "The Next Step"

Liam has been a competitive dancer since the age of 6 in genres such as Jazz,  Lyrical, Contempory, Ballet, Stage, and his favorite of all, Hip Hop. In 2015 Liam was a big part of Team Canada that won the Silver medal at the World of Hip Hop Champoniships in Italy. He was also a part of the 2014 team that finished 4th in Germany.

Liam Regularly Auditions for roles in Voice, Theatre, Film, and T.V. Some of his accomplishments include, Performing with Imagine Dragons and Dallas Smith at the Grey Cup. He also performed at the 2014 special Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

As a Teacher Liam has Assisted and Choreographed Hip Hop groups in the Lower mainland ranging from Rec to National Championships. Liam loves to feel positive energy in his classes and takes pride in seeing his students work hard, stay commited and most of all bring his choreography to life.

Gabby Zare'
Gabby started dancing at the young age of 5. She started her training in ballet and then quickly added Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Theatre, Acro,and Hip Hop.Over the years gabby has competed in Canada and the US as part of top awarded group dances as well as soloist sucess. 
Through her dance career gabby has performed in Commercials, Music videos, and most recently was a part of the opening performance for the Harlem Globetrotters.Gabby Continues to attend conventions to keep up with what's new in the dance world.
As a Teacher Gabby has been Highly trained in all aspects of Teaching and Choreography under the guidence of Ailsa Daley for 5 years.She has consistently put out top scoring choreography and has won choreography awards every season since she began teaching. Gabby loves every thing dance and brings that passion to her classes.

  Samantha Hall











Samantha started acrobatics at the age of 11 and continued into the elite discipline of contortion at the age of 16. By the Age of 19 Samantha was teaching at local dance studios in the lower mainland and performing professionally around the Vancouver area.


   Samantha has been a  Special guest performer at the Las vegas contortion convention and has performed on cruise ships and all inclusive resorts around the world. She has had the privilege of working under world renowned trainers such as Otter Waller and Kristi Toguchi in Las Vegas.


    After 5 years of performing around the world she is back in Vancouver and excited to share her passion.




Kyra Perrin 











Lil' One's

Kyra has been dancing since the age of  3. She is trained in Ballet, jazz, contemporary, and Hip Hop. She has had success as a competitive group, solo and self choreographed dancer in Canada and the US. Her credits include Educational Assistant certificate and Community Support worker for those with diverse needs. She has also completed  International dance teachers standards and True Art teacher training certification.

Kyra brings an energetic, fun and creative energy to all of her classes. She truly enjoys working with children and creates an environment rich in education as well as the art of dance itself.   

Paula Mattusch






RAD Ballet - RAD, IDTS, PBT, 

Paula's training began at the age of 7 and was followed by an exploration of choreography at the age of 9. Her training took place through various studios through her dance career and was followed by a program in dance education through York University in Toronto. Paula has completed her Level 1 and 2 International Dance Teaching Standards Certificate, Progressing Ballet Technique Certificate and will be completing her RAD CBTS teacher training program this fall. Paula has choreographed pieces with success and has competed locally and internationally and has also had her choreography featured in the hit TV show Super Girl.

Paula enjoys teaching dancers of all ages and levels, getting the opportunity to help them expand their technique and aid in the growth of their passion for dance. Paula also puts a great emphasis on the health of their bodies. This includes a large focus on conditioning and stretching techniques which keeps their bodies as healthy as a dancers body can possibly be. Paula has held conditioning workshops throughout the Lower Mainland. 



Bill Daley -












Mentoring Program


True Art Teachers Training Certification

Our Mentoring Program was designed for students that would like to one day become dance teachers/choreographers.Over the years the student will spend time assisting,studying and receiving invaluable knowledge of the dance world from our highly experienced, award winning, teachers/choreographers.


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